Sandbox (Testing environment)

The Premium API - Payments is included in a Sandbox environment to test your applications before accessing to live data. A set of non-real users were created by default for each of your applications (see tables below). In order to test this service, use one of the accounts below as debtor account in the POST Payment Initiation Request method, and to ensure successful processing, please make sure the selected account matches the selected user. Additionally, make sure that selected user has sufficient financial resources on selected account. 

Sandbox available accounts

USER: Student (930423) 

Account identifier Balance
SK6911000000003968781519 200.20 €
SK5502000000007417228408 58.3€

USER: Affluent client (940423) 

Account identifier Balance
SK3711000000007417228416 5000.20 €


USER: Entrepreneur (950423) 

Account identifier Balance
SK5311000000008150082722 12000.20 €


USER: Small-medium enterprise (960423) 

Account identifier Balance
SK6411000000001067980992 15000.20 €


USER:  Large corporate (970423)

Account identifier Balance
SK1911000000001913888635 (Credit account) 25000.20 €
SK4011000000004145138420 (Debit account) 18000.20 €